In the center of the Sacramento Valley stands a solitary mountain rising like an island above a vegetative sea of rice fields and orchards. From high above the Sutter Buttes are revealed to be  circular in form, ten miles across, with soft rounded outer hills and a jagged central core jutting 2,000-feet above the flat valley.  The Wintun Indians of the western Sacramento Valley called the volcano “Onolai-tol”, mountain-in-the-middle.  Wintun mythology tells of a great flood destroying a degenerate world; the Sutter Buttes rose from the receding waters forming the first land where upon a renewed creation began.

Since 2007 the Sutter Buttes Society (formerly the Yuba Historical Society) guided  over 3,000
hikers on memorable outings into these mysterious "Middle Mountains".  Thanks to the generosity of landowners
Joseph and Margaret Hughes and Circle "H" LLC (Howard, Brian and Kory Hamman), we are granted permission to unlock gates and hike onto their breathtaking 280-acre Peace Valley property on the Buttes’ northern flank, entering an enchanted land as impressive as a national park, without hardly ever seeing others outside of our hiking group.

The Sutter Buttes Society conducts both weekend and weekday outings for individuals, youth groups and other organizations. We keep our prices low in order to share the fascinating mountain with as many people as possible.  If you
have never entered the Buttes you will be in awe by the beauty of the place.  In a short distance the terrain will change remarkably, each local possessing it's own personality.  If you have been in the Buttes in the past considering coming on another hike, for each season offers it's own unique flavor.

Although we are not taking groups into the Buttes at this time, we want to keep in touch with you, so hesitate to contact us at buttes@onolai.org if you have any questions.